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This section shows how to register your TVL oracle.

Simple registration with regoracle

Here's a sample TVL oracle registration request through the regoracle action on the oracle.yield contract:

cleos push action oracle.yield regoracle '[myoracle, [{"key": "url", "value": ""}]]' -p myoracle

The first argument to the regoracle action is the on-chain account name of the TVL oracle, which in the example above is myoracle. The second argument contains any additional information on your oracle that you may want to provide, which helps the Yield+ admins to weed out spam registration requests. This metadata argument is in the format of a list of key and value pairs.

Your oracle will have to be approved by the Yield+ admins. You can query the status of your oracle's approval by querying the oracles table of the oracle.yield contract. The status field will be either set to pending (registration request awaiting approval), active (if your oracle is approved) or denied (if your request is denied).

Once your oracle is approved, it can start working and collecting rewards.

Other registration actions

To improve the likelihood that your oracle being accepted, you may want to submit additional metadata fields, or change existing fields. For that you can use the setmetakey and setmetadata actions on the oracle.yield contract.

If you ever want to cancel your registration request or remove your approved oracle from the Yield+ system, you can call the unregister action on the oracle.yield contract.

Please refer to the Yield+ Oracle contract reference documentation for more information on these actions.