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About Yield+

Yield+ is a liquidy rewards program designed to attract DeFi dApps and to increase Total Value Locked (TVL) on the EOS network. It rewards tokens to DeFi dApps based on the total value of the deposits that they manage to attract to and keep in the EOS ecosystem.

For Yield+, a DeFi dApp is any existing dApp on the EOS network that has its own tokenomic model that is generating yield (gains, income) for their individual users in exchange for their deposits on the smart contracts of the DeFi dApp.

Any DeFi dApp (also referred to as a project) can apply to the Yield+ program. The project's application will then be reviewed by the Yield+ admins, and the project will either be accepted in an initial qualifying reward tier, based on the True TVL of the dApp, or rejected, if the dApp does not qualify to the program, along with a reason for the rejection (such as in identified attempts to game the Yield+ reward system.

After a DeFi project is accepted, the Yield+ smart contract system will automatically and routinely monitor its True TVL to determine its current reward tier, and continously pay token rewards to the project whenever it is eligible for them. Each dApp can move fluidly up and down through reward tiers based on their True TVL measurement over time.

NOTE: At the time of its launch, the Yield+ program is initially supplying a flat 5% yearly reward over each DeFi dApps's measured True TVL. This reward schedule is subject to change.

The Yield+ Bluepaper

This documentation focuses on providing relevant, accessible guides for users and developers. For an in-depth exploration and discussion of the Yield+ system, please refer to the Yield+ Bluepaper page hosted at the EOS Network Foundation website: