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This section briefly explains what TVL oracles are.

Smart contracts hosted in the blockchain are passive, in that an external entity is required to trigger the execution of their code. That entity spends its blockchain resources to send a transaction that invokes one or more actions of the blockchain's smart contracts.

TVL oracles are automated service providers that lend their blockchain resources to invoke update actions on the Yield+ smart contracts. By doing so, they allow the Yield+ system to advance in time, recomputing the True TVL value of some or all of the DeFi dApps registered on the system, triggering reports and payouts.

TVL oracles contribute to the decentralization of Yield+ and they receive a token reward for their service.

This guide will show how to register and operate a TVL oracle account using the cleos command-line wallet. Make sure your cleos installation is loaded with the key to your oracle account.